The main airport is the Sarajevo International Airport (SJJ) which is only 15 to 20 minutes away from the city center (10 km southwest of Sarajevo). Sarajevo Airport connects Bosnia and Herzegovina to numerous countries through direct flights including: Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Serbia, Croatia, Norway, Turkey, United Arab Emirates etc. The Airport has a capacity of over 1 million passengers a year and also has connecting flights to anywhere around the world. The Airport has different facilities available including car rental, restaurants, post office, banks & ATM, and shopping.

In addition to SJJ, travelers can use the Tuzla International Airport connecting Bosnia and Herzegovina to Germany, Sweden and Austria via WizzAir, as well as the Mostar International Airport offering many charter flights and having connection flights for Croatia, Germany and Italy.


The train schedule offers connection to main tourist destinations in the country in comfortable trains at affordable prices. The passenger can purchase the travelling ticket at the cashier in stations or in the train. Recently, Bosnia and Herzegovina obtained new trains. Although the train moves rather slow compared to European or international standards, nevertheless, if you do have the time to head out to/from Sarajevo to Mostar by train the view will amaze you as the landscape and the scenery is breathtaking.

For further information, contact Railways of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Railways of the Republika Srpska.


Traffic drives on the right. Road are not that good; however, they are getting better as most of them are being constructed or reconstructed, and the VC Corridor (Highway) is being constructed as well.

The maximum speeds are 130 km/hr in highways, 100 km/hr in traffic and speed roads, 80 km/hr in other roads and 50 km/hr in urban areas, unless differently specified by a traffic sign.

Drivers must use headlights at all time and have the fist-aid kit, spare equipment and yellow vest. From November 15–cars should have snow chains.

Car Hire

Car rental is the best way to solve your traveling problem. Both major international and local firms offer car hire at airports and larger towns. The daily cost for a small economical car is around Euro 50 per car.

To get more detailed information about car rental and to rent a car, contact us at


Buses in Bosnia and Herzegovina are quite reliable, frequent and cover most of the country. For more information concerning Bus Routes and the availability of seats, contact the Sarajevo International Bus Station:  +387 33 213 100.


Main cities have metered taxis. It is possible to negotiate a fare when the meters are not in use. However, we suggest you to take a metered taxi as you will pay only the regular rate per km. In both cases ask if the car has a meter or agree a fare before setting off.