1. The country’s name ‘Montenegro’ originates from ‘Black Mountain’, which refers to the dark colored forests that shield the entire territory.
  2. Montenegro has the southernmost fjord in the world which is called ‘The Boka Bay’. The beauty of this fjord goes beyond rocky mountains, as it is surrounded by marvelous small towns.
  3. Montenegro’s territory has a total of 290 km of virgin coastline.
  4. The deepest canyon in Europe is located in Montenegro, and it’s called “Canyon of the river Tara”.
  5. We have all heard of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, but in Montenegro, the Cathedral of Saint Tripuna is 69 years older than the gigantic Notre Dame.
  6. Montenegro in its constitution, among other things, is known as an ecological nation, because in 1992, it became the first country in the world to have written in its constitution that it stands for environment protection.
  7. Mitrovica has the oldest olive tree in the world. In a small village near, this tree is over 2000 years old.
  8. Montenegro has an Alcatraz, an island in miniature called Grmožur. It was once a prison during King Nikola’s rule.
  9. Montenegro has one of the longest sand beaches in Europe, namely Velika plaža in Ulcinj (12.5 km).
  10. For its spectacular views, in 1987 – Brad Pitt’s first lead movie role was filmed in Montenegro named ‘Dark Of the sun’.