Montenegro is the place of wonders, where pure nature coincides artificially created sites. Coast of Ada Bojana is a perfect example of a mash between natural sites and the ones who have been artificially created.
Previously, a ship called ‘Merito’ sunk in this coast and the remains of the ship collected river sediment thus creating a bigger river island. This place is surrounded by the Adriatic Sea in one side and Bojana river in the other, which makes it suitable for sailing and other tourist ‘by boat’ related activities.

Lake Skadar, on the other hand, is purely natural and is the largest lake in the Balkans. It’s been deemed as a natural park, because of rich flora and fauna and the numerous endemic species that inhabit this space i.e. the rare curly pelican.
It has beautiful picturesque views and is attractive for tourists’ eyes.
Tara River (Canyon) is in the National World Heritage list because of its wild and rich beauty of 400 year old trees that surround small waterfalls.
Biogradska Gora National Park is another delightful ‘must see’ place with virgin forests, secret monuments, and authentic buildings of Montenegrin architecture.
Generally, Montenegro is a place of fairytales, and awaits the adventurist souls to dive into the deepest levels of nature.