Montenegro Symbols

Montenegrin Flag

The flag of Montenegro is a red field bordered by a narrow golden-yellow stripe with the Montenegrin coat of arms centered; the arms consist of a double-headed golden eagle – symbolizing the unity of church and state – surmounted by a crown; the eagle holds a golden scepter in its right claw and a blue orb in its left; the breast shield over the eagle shows a golden lion passant on a green field in front of a blue sky; the lion is a symbol of episcopal authority and harkens back to the three and a half centuries when Montenegro was ruled as a theocracy


National symbols of Montenegro

double-headed eagle;

national colors: red, gold

Montenegro Anthem

The national anthem of Montenegro, officially called under the name “Oj, svijetla majska zoro” (Oh, Bright Dawn of May), the lyrics were written by Sekula DRLJEVIC/unknown, arrangement by Zarko MIKOVIC . It was adopted in 2004; music is based on a Montenegrin folk song.