Historic Places And Monuments

This tower is designed based on thousands of years of architectural influences of occupiers such as Byzantine or Venetian, and provides jaw-dropping views and historical details.

Built on a Cliffside, this Citadel belongs to the middle ages, and has a wonderful Venetian design. Parts of it have been rebuilt but the rustic history remains in every stone a tourist steps foot on.

This monument resembles the tomb of a really famous Royal Prince, who died of tuberculosis, and left behind a myriad poems, philosophies and other amazing royalties.

Previously, until 1926 this monumental object has served as the house of the Montenegrin’s royal family, but then it was transformed into a museum. It is highly recommended to be visited since it embraces the story of various royal families who have lived their nation-serving days here.

Deemed as one of the most visited tourists’ attractions, this monumental object in Montenegro, is dedicated to the Saint Basil of Ostrog. Visit this place and walk the steps of ancient monks, see the chambers, rocky steps, gigantic and excellent architecture in both exterior and interior of the object.

Ulcinj is a a city that besides its great historical background, welcomes thousands of tourists every year, to enjoy the beach, a festival, unique food and restaurants, and last but not least, the castle.

A small islet on Kotor, a manmade miracle, resides in the middle of the Bay. This object shows the prosperous seasons of fishermen, who planted a rock in the bay for each successful voyage. Currently, a church accessible only by boat awaits visitors to discover the magic behind this lively humanoid museum.

This Roman Catholic Cathedral resides inside the old city of Kotor. This mountainous stone object is the seat of the Catholic Bishopric of Kotor which covers the entire gulf, currently led by Bishop Monsignor Ilija Janjić.

Somewhere in the troubled waters of Lastavica’s history, Mamula Fortress lays the stories of protection against fascist armies and other quests for survival. This fortress is only accessible by water transport, and resembles the once dark past of the Marista coasts.