The way to a tourist’s heart is definitely through delicious food.

Montenegrin’s national cuisine welcomes a food lover, whether you are eating on a restaurant, a fast-food, near the sea and elsewhere. What’s important about the gastronomy is the variability of tastes, spices, and carefully picked out antique recipes.

Montenegro is a good hosting country. Guests are treated kindly and offered the most comfortable place to sleep. Montenegrin’s inherited traditions suggest has the guest must be given a great hospitality and the host introduces traditional foods, so as to promote such an ancient culture.

Some of the most interesting dishes are made under sac (heated metal cover):

Ispod Saca

Other unique foods that Montenegro’s cuisine is distinguishable with:

Njegusi Proscuitto


Black Risotto

Drinks that everyone should try: Krstac or Vranac wine and Niksicko beer among others.