The 20th century was the turning point for Montenegro’s economy, namely the industrial innovations such as power plants, wood mills, breweries and oil refinery. Although Montenegro’s economy strive was interrupted by several wars, e.g. First Balkan War, World War I and World War II; agriculture maintained key position in the economic development.

Proceeding post-independence state of affairs, was the state bloom of 2006-2007 with rich investors captivating the country.

Montenegro to this day exports: electricity, iron and steel, cork and wood, energy and petroleum products, non-ferrous metals and metal scraps.

Main export partners are: Serbia, Hungary, Croatia, Greece, Germany, Italy, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Albania and Turkey.

Montenegro imports the following: road vehicles, manufactures of metal, medicinal and pharmaceutical products etc.

Main import partners are: China, Italy, Serbia, Germany, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Greece and Croatia.